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There are a lot of reasons why you would chose to start your own web hosting company using our reseller plans, but just to name a few:

  • Our Packages are completely Anonymous and Private-Label
  • Our Packages are Turnkey solutions
  • Robust and Fast Servers
  • Excellent Support
  • We give you free tools to kick-start your business!
  • Affordable and flexible Packages
  • Incredible 30-day money back and 24 hours support guarantee

Wheter you wish to start your own web hosting company or host sites of your own, we have the perfect package and solution for you!

One of the biggest advantage of Wonderful Hosting is that you can resell our own reseller plans and thus you can have your own resellers.

The most important thing to resellers today is anonymity, they wish to look and act as their own and real web hosting company. At Wonderful Hosting, we think it is important to provide our resellers a high level of anonymity.

As a reseller of Wonderful Hosting, your customers will never know you are reselling as everything is anonymous, from the control panel to the server hostname!

  • Control Panel: The control panel is completely anonymous. >>Demo<<
  • Packages: You can create your own packages, that only you can offer.
  • Support Site: You can give your clients access to our anonymous support site.
  • Hostname: While our competitors name their servers using their own domain (name.thehostURL.com), we name our servers using an anonymous domain, name.ourdns.com.

Since we are completely anonymous to your clients, their will never hear about Wonderful Hosting.

As a reseller of Wonderful Hosting, you get completely FREE personalized nameservers such as NS1.YOURNAME.COM and NS2.YOURNAME.COM. Some companies charge up to $30 per month just for that.

All our reseller plans are turnkey solutions. Using your own control panel, you can add, remove, edit and remove clients in real-time, without having to wait after us to do it for you.

When you create a new account, everything is instantly added to the account; the control panel, the configuration files and the pre-installed scripts. The only thing you have to do is to send your client their login info and you are done!

WebHostManager, the reseller's control panel, is the best control panel in the world. >>Demo<<

Our well-trained support engineers are fast and friendly. Because we think customer satisfaction is extremely important, we provide quick, warm and personnal support to our valued clients. With Wonderful Hosting, you will not wait days and weeks to receive a response as we guarantee a human response within 24 hours! We also have one of the most complete and easy to understand support site in the industry; SupportManual.info, for you and your clients.

We do not use obsolete or slow hardware. Our minimum configuration is a PIII 1Ghz (1000MHz) machine with over 1GB of memory (1024MB). For stability and affordability, all our machines are running RedHat Linux. Unlike most of our competitors, our machines are not overpopulated and thus allowing your web site to be faster! Our servers are also configurated with the best control panel in the world, CPanel 4.x, and the latest exciting software and modules such as Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, Apache::ASP and mod_gzip.

To make sure you have only the best, we give you many free tools to kick-start your web hosting business:

  • Free access, for you and your clients, to SupportManual.info
  • Free pre-installed scripts on all your accounts
  • Free CPanel/WHM control panel, a $99 per month value!

Our guarantee is simple, if you are not satisfied with our services we will refund you the money paid to us within the first 30 days!

But wait, there is more! We also have a 24 hours response to your support inquiries or we will credit you one month of hosting service! If you send a support enquiry to us using our Help Desk and we do not get back to you within 24 hours, you will get the credit, that simple.

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